Abington Domestic Assault and Battery Charges Against Weymouth Cop

Abington assault and battery charges have been filed against a 37-year-old police officer who allegedly attacked his 9-year-old twin daughters. hiding.jpg

Abington domestic violence defense lawyers know that such an allegation can have implications not only for the officer’s criminal record, but also his job and child custody arrangements.

Domestic battery cases in Massachusetts often stem from very personal matters. It’s not uncommon for one angered spouse to exaggerate or flat-out lie out of spite about what actually happened.

In this case, there is reportedly an on-going child custody case waging between the girls’ mother and the officer. Children in these situations find it difficult to fully comprehend everything that’s happening, and can sometimes be easily persuaded to take sides with one parent over the other. In some scenarios, that can also lead to exaggerated or false claims.

Of course, every case is going to be different, but this is why it’s so critical to hire a criminal defense attorney who is experienced with regard to domestic battery cases.

Weymouth cop ‘vehemently denies’ striking daughters, lawyer says, By Christian Schiavone and Erin Shannon, The Patriot Ledger

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